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         "The New Youth International Dance Film Festival (NYID) is an open, fair, inclusive and shared platform for dance films. We we want to find people who are able to use the camera and dance to create new things.

        "The meaning of "New Youth" does not refer to age, but rather represents an attitude, an inner state of life, and a vision of the world.We hope to bring together interesting, creative, emotional, thoughtful people and their works.

         We invite all people from around the world who care about dance and film to participate in the festival to continue to provide a more diverse platform and more possibilities for outstanding dance films.

 ---New Youth International Dance Film Festival

2023 New Youth International Dance Film Festival

2023 NYID

Activities of the Film Festival

Call for films: March 1 - August 15.
Film selection: August 6 - 16.
Film Festival Screening: August 25 - 31
A.Screening of invited international award-winning works;

B. Screening of officially invited works;

C. Screening of this year's award-winning works.

2023 NYID


Super short film group: less than 10 minutes
Short Film Category: 10 - 20 minutes (including 10 minutes)
Feature Film Group: 20 minutes or more (including 20 minutes)

2023 NYID


No fees are charged

2023 NYID


New Youth Super Short Film Award.

New Youth Short Film Award. New Youth Feature Film Award.

Jury President's Award: $100.00

New Youth Award

Best Dance Animation Award

Most Creative Award

Most Heartbreaking Award

Most Heartwarming Award

Social Concern Award: $50.00

2023 NYID

Rules and Terms 

A. Films may not include any full body nudity, abusive words or language, violence, or discriminatory themes.

B. Since NYID is open to all ages, the screening session prohibits films with nudity, excessive sexual language, and discriminatory themes. Therefore, we may ask creators to slightly modify their submissions in order for their work to be screened. For example, we may ask the producer to remove explicit words from the music, or to edit any part of parts of their work.We reserve the right to make any changes necessary to ensure the film is fit for viewing. While creators are allowed to decline, violations of the screening rules will prevent them from participating in the screening.

 C. By submitting your film to the New Youth International Dance Film Festival, you are tacitly agreeing to allow us to use your work to promote the festival's activities, including the use of posters/promos etc. of your work for promotional purposes. Each author of the work is responsible for the content of the submitted work and confirms that he/she is the sole owner / owners of all rights (both direct and indirect.)  Each author is responsible for the content of the work submitted. Each author confirms that he/she is the owner of all rights (both direct and indirect) of the work, and grants permission to the New Youth International Dance Festival to keep a copy of the work in its archives indefinitely. 

D. All works must be original. Once submitted, the work may not be withdrawn for any reason.

E. The decisions and results of the jury are not subject to any form of challenge whatsoever and are final and binding.

F. Our decision on what is permitted and what may be presented is final and binding





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